At Lara United FC we aim to keep our fees affordable for our players. We thank all of our club sponsors who help us keep the registration fees at a lower level compared to other clubs. We also thank all of our members, volunteers and supporters who have supported our club fundraisers in the past & we hope this continues in future as we grow.
We are pleased that we can offer fees for Season 2021 at no increase on Season 2020 and that Football Victoria are doing the same for their portion of Season 2021 fees.  We are also able to offer some support for players or families in need for Season 2021 thanks to generous fee donations made by some of our members in Season 2020.  Please contact our treasurer as per the contact details below if you do require financial assistance.  For those who have unused fees not refunded Season 2020, this amount will be credited against your Majestri 2021 invoice after you have registered. Click pay another way upon check out to generate this invoice.

Registration process

The registration is a 2-step process as listed below and needs to be completed for all players. 

Register with Majestri
Register with Play Football

Please note that myfootballclub has been replaced by Play Football for Season 2019 & beyond. Existing players should receive a link to set up their Play Football account, new players will need to set up a Play Football account. For assistance with self-registration via Play Football please see this guide as provided by Football Victoria.  

The two step-process for registration must be completed with full payment (or payment plan approved and in-place) prior to players taking the pitch. 

** All JUNIOR players MUST have a current photo uploaded into Play Football.  

* Note: If the team you register for does not go ahead in the Season, we will refund any monies paid in full. However, if you do not register or delay due to uncertainty then we can't confirm the number of players to enter that team. Hence we recommend registering or at least contacting us regarding the registration if unsure.


If you need more information or have any queries related to the registration or payment, please contact the following:

  • Registration queries: contact our Secretary, Kylie Grzybek on
  • Payment queries: contact our Treasurer, Judy Hill on or via mobile 0402 469 243.

Season 2021 Fees

State League Men

Registration fee $435 +
Club membership fee $35

(inc. Association fees of $227* )

State League Women

Registration fee $0 +
Club membership fee $35
* Thanks to Schoe Polish for their donation to reduce the registration fees to $0

Local Men / Local Women

Registration fee $370 +
Club membership fee $35
* Association fees must be paid prior to being approved to play in State League preseason competitions


Registration fee $305* +

Club membership fee $40

Per family, for the first child only
* reduced fees for Junior Girls
for Season 2020


Registration fee $210 +

Club membership fee $40

Per family, for the first child only

All Abilities

Registration fee $0* +

Club membership fee $15

Per player
* Thanks to Lions Club of Lara for their donation to reduce the registration fees to $0

Social Membership

Registration fee NA
Club membership fee $10

Medical/ Emergency

Medical Alerts: 

  • Please enter any medical alerts in the relevant section while registering via the club management system in Majestri. 
  • Parents / guardians of children with medical alerts are expected to be present during club training and competition matches in case any emergency arises.


  • It is club policy that all Miniroo parents needs to be present for the duration of training in case of emergency.
  • No Miniroo or Junior player should be walking back to cars before or after training without being accompanied by a parent.

  • Individual Sponsorship

    If you would like to approach a business about individual sponsorship, then the club is happy to provide a letter introducing the club & individual player. Please email the club to request electronic copies and we will arrange for you. 


We accept payment via the following methods: 

  1. Credit Card (online via Majestri)
  2. Direct Bank Deposit via online banking or Cash deposit at Bendigo Bank (as per Majestri invoice, you must quote surname or invoice number as reference number) 
  3. EFTPOS (either on the Registration day or as pre-arranged with Treasurer)
  4. Direct debit - Payment plans (as approved by the Treasurer)
  5. Cash (either on the registration day or as pre-arranged with Treasurer).

We are family friendly club and understand that the registration fees can be a big ask for families. Therefore, we also offer payment plans to help you pay the registration fees for the season. You can nominate the amount & frequency for payments, with all fees to be paid in full by end of August. Payments via direct debit can be scheduled to be taken out once or twice per week. The payment days for direct debit are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please note that a fee will be applied for failed direct debit transactions & that this is beyond our control. 

Fee components

Registration fee: A registration fee paid per player per season to enable them to play in competition football that season.  Football Victoria & Football Federation Australia both take a component of this fee in varying amounts depending on the registration type (breakdown available when you register via Play Football).  The balance pays for thing such as team entry fees, referees, coaches, training venue hire etc.

Please note that the insurance coverage provided by the association is minimal, we recommend players have personal insurance in place.

Club membership fee: This covers club overheads and bills such as electricity, insurance, subscriptions etc.

  • State league/ Local players - For players registering as a state league or a local player, need to pay a club membership fee charged per player. All players must pay their club membership at the minimum by the registration day to schedule for season's competitions.
  • Junior/ Miniroo - For players registering as a Junior or a Miniroo, our club charges the club membership per family for the first player. Any subsequent siblings registering as a Junior or Miniroo player in a family will not be required to pay the club membership fee.

Association fees: State League players will also need to pay the association fees component of their registration before being approved to play in State League pre-season competitions.

Volunteer Levy: A voluntary levy is applicable for the families or senior players who are not able to help out by volunteering at least twice during the season.  Any levies collected will be used to offset the cost of maintenance tasks at the club premises.

Everyone who chooses not to pay the volunteer levy is expected to volunteer throughout the season as calls go out.

Please note that paying this levy does not exclude members from match day duties.  Pitches do not set up or pack themselves, line referees are required unless provided by FV, change rooms are to be left clean & tidy.

Social membership fees: Club members/family who would like to have their family and/or friends to join them during the club event on the club premises requires a social membership fee per person. 

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